Car Covers – The Cost Effective Way Of Preserving Cars

Buying a semi-custom car cowl is probably the maximum cost effective way of maintaining your automobile. It is an indisputable truth that cars want to be included otherwise they may be left to nature’s peril. The extremely-violet rays from the solar will fade the exterior and ruin the end. The cabin gets too stuffy and intolerable to power, and the inner specifications will get ruined.

Rain, sleet and snow, all go away ugly, ugly watermarks everywhere in the exterior. The excessive level of acid crumble the paint work and make it look horribly patchy. The vehicle will appearance antique and battered properly earlier than it is time.

When the wind blows, it manages to tug in conjunction with it junk from the streets. This includes twigs and stones, and as they fly past, they turn out to be knocking the auto leaving it scratched and dented all over.

All of this is other than the birds muck and so forth that manages to park themselves on the auto’s outdoors. These also crumble the paint paintings, and depart durable stains which might be near not possible to dispose of. The dirt may even pile up and the car will look vintage and weather overwhelmed.

So it is agreed that a cover is needed. The type of cowl will very an awful lot depend upon the environment, and the climate that the automobile is saved in. Some covers could be higher for sunnier climates, others could have better water resistant safety. If the automobile is kept indoors, it’ll need most effective basic safety in opposition to knocks and bashes, and the dirt, and no longer those fancy climate-proof ones.

However the type of sizing additionally makes a difference on the high-quality of protection offer. Universal car covers will match on to any automobile, massive or small (vans come as a exclusive length). They are reasonably-priced, as they can be mass produced. However they will never fit well. Either the quilt can be too massive, and seem like a badly constructed, baggy tent, or will pretty much cover, regularly leaving bits peaking out. Therefore the safety provided through standard covers is not the exceptional.

Custom cover are very high-priced, as they are tailor made. The cover is made mainly for that precise car and it is specification, making things like mirror and aerial wallet wherein important. This manifestly means that there isn’t always area for anything to sneak in, beneath the quilt. Whilst this gives an elegant appearance, it’s also a pretty penny.


The most attractive family member in his segment continues to expand his offer. The new SEAT León X-PERIENCE with permanent four wheel drive is designed to be fun to drive on any surface. The new member of the León family brings together the most attractive design and the most advanced technology with great functionality and versatility. The range of TDI and TSI engines, which develops up to 184 hp, stands out for its power and efficiency. Similarly, state-of-the-art four-wheel drive along with a list of advanced driver assistance systems ensure exceptional levels of performance and safety. León X-PERIENCE will be available in the SEAT dealer network in Spain before the end of the year.In this way, the new León X-PERIENCE completes the successful line of the León, which has three bodies, high-performance versions like CUPRA and exceptional efficiency like ECOMOTIVE.

“León X-PERIENCE adds a new dimension to our product line: it is a much more emotional concept, with a solid, functional and elegant design that opens up to new ideas bringing dynamism and practicality. A mature model, but with a young spirit, “says Jürgen Stackmann, president of SEAT SA” León X-PERIENCE fits perfectly with SEAT. It is part of the next step in our brand strategy, broadening and consolidating the enormous success cultivated by the Lion. “The León X-PERIENCE is based on the León ST, with which it shares almost all its elements. Its electronically controlled four-wheel drive, all terrain-proof suspension and greater ground clearance make the X- PERIENCE a vehicle with its own personality, with an adventurous and unmistakable aspect and an exclusive interior design. “The new León X-PERIENCE is highly versatile and an authentic all-terrain vehicle. It has full freedom of movement thanks to its permanent four-wheel drive that will take you anywhere, whether on paved surfaces or on terrain and in conditions of sun, rain or snow. The León X-PERIENCE ensures in equal parts the thrill of driving pleasure and exceptional functionality, showing its high dynamic performance just as easily on all surfaces without affecting comfort and versatility, “said Dr. Matthias Rabe, executive vice president of R & D of SEAT SA “The León X-PERIENCE also offers excellent safety thanks to its magnificent traction,


León León X-PERIENCE acquires its own distinctive character thanks to a striking front with its large air intakes, anti-fog headlamps with cornering function, door trim and one crankcase protector with aluminum finish. The rear also features a new one for shock with protective frames, an underside with aluminum finish and chrome exhaust pipes. The wheels are 17-inch or optional 18-inch with a unique five-spoke design. The bar system of the equipment door on the ceiling features an anodized black finish.So the rest of the range, the sharpness of the lines and the tension of the surfaces create a sculptural appeal thanks to the subtle effects of light and shadows that give an impressive image of energy and vitality to the familiar Spanish terrain. The trunk maintains its enormous dimensions of variability and almost millimetric functionality. It has a load capacity of 587 liters, which increases up to 1,470 liters with the rear seat backs folded. In this way, even larger objects fit into the X-PERIENCE Lion.

The elegance of interior design

León X-PERIENCE presents an interior with different and elegant finishes with great attention to detail, combining intense tones that reflect the character of the vehicle. The series tapestry elegantly combines the black and gray tones, being also available in brown Alcantara with black leather. Other different details are the orange seams on the seats, steering wheel and shift lever, with the specific logo being displayed on the steering wheel. “The X-PERIENCE León adapts perfectly to all lifestyles. His image combines elegance with sporting dynamism, “says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, SEAT Design Director. Find more information on ford mustang car cover.

Engines: powerful and highly efficient

The dynamic character of the León X-PERIENCE fits perfectly with the range of TDI and TSI engines of great power that, like all the models of the line, come equipped with the system Start / Stop and the function of recovery of energy that maximizes its efficiency .The maximum exponent is the 2.0 TDI CR engine of 184 hp. With a maximum torque of 380 Nm and a DSG gearbox as standard, it offers a high output which translates into an acceleration time of 7.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and a top speed of 224 km / h. The efficiency of the engine is demonstrated by the average consumption of 4.9 liters per 100 km, with CO2 emissions of 129 g / km. On the other hand, the 2.0 TDI CR engine with six-speed manual gearbox develops 150 hp of power and 340 Nm of torque. This version consumes 4.9 liters per 100 km, which is equivalent to 129 g / km of CO2. The 1.6 TDI CR access engine develops 110 hp of power and 250 Nm of torque with an average consumption of 4.8 liters per 100 km and emissions of 125 g / km of CO2.The other gasoline-powered propulsion option is the advanced 1.8 TSI 180 hp. It develops a maximum torque of 280 Nm thanks to the combination of direct and indirect injection with turbocharger. In addition to the more powerful TDI version, it is also coupled to a six-speed DSG gearbox as standard. Consumption is 6.6 liters per 100 km and has emissions of 152 g / km of CO2.

Four-wheel drive

The new León X-PERIENCE incorporates one of the most advanced and efficient permanent integral traction systems in its segment. SEAT has installed the new fifth-generation Haldex system consisting of a multi-disc clutch with hydraulic drive and electronic control, which responds quickly to all driving situations, resulting in considerable advantages in terms of active safety and dynamism. During normal operation, the clutch transmits most of the torque to the front wheels. If they lose traction, the torque divides quickly and imperceptibly into the rear wheels.

The chassis: dynamism and safety on any terrain

The balanced chassis offers excellent dynamic behavior. The springs cushion all terrain irregularities, while the steering is balanced and ensures that the vehicle remains faithful to the trajectory and guarantees an excellent response.Compared with the León ST, the X-PERIENCE chassis has a 15 mm higher ground clearance to tackle difficult terrain and the front axle is a classic McPherson. The León X-PERIENCE responds in a precise and spontaneous way to the maneuvers of the driver’s wheel and performs all types of curves. The rear suspension system is a multi-arm system with four arms that can separate the longitudinal support forces from the lateral support forces. The springs and dampers are separated, which allows a greater margin to regulate the suspension. Thus, the brake system of the new SEAT León X-PERIENCE also responds effectively in all circumstances.The SEAT León X-PERIENCE that is equipped with the engine 2.0 TDI CR of 184 hp and with the 1.8 TSI of 180 hp can be adapted to any situation of driving. As standard, the SEAT Drive Profile allows the driver to configure the characteristics of power steering, engine power delivery and DSG transmission in three positions: eco, confort and sport, and the possibility to configure them according to your preferences. Finally, the SEAT Drive Profile incorporates a modulator inside the engine that enriches the sound produced by the engine.

Advanced systems of assistance for maximum security
The new SEAT León X-PERIENCE features several state-of-the-art driver assistance systems: dynamic EDS (electronic differential lock on both axles) and XDS (limited slip differential for increased cornering), ESC ( electronic stability program) and the multi-collision brake provide maximum safety. The list of high-tech optional features includes integral LED headlamps, ACC adaptive cruise speed control with city emergency braking function, drowsiness detector and range control assistant.

Always vigilant: León with ACC and Front Assist
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the desired speed and a predetermined safety distance, accelerating and decelerating the vehicle automatically depending on the traffic situation. It is possible to set a cruising speed between 30 and 160 km / h. The ACC speed intelligent controller can be used indifferently with a manual or DSG gearbox. On DSG models, the system can brake the car until it is completely stopped.The Front Assist radar system, which includes the braking function in the city, observes traffic traveling in the same range and can avoid a collision with the vehicle ahead. If a critical distance and collision risk is identified at speeds between 30 and 210 km / h, the wizard issues an acoustic and visual warning signal and prepares the brake system for imminent emergency braking. In this way, the León helps the driver to drive properly. If the collision hazard persists, the system will automatically activate the brakes to reduce the speed of a possible impact. The Front Assist system also assists the driver during braking and ensures maximum power when required, which contributes greatly to the protection of occupants and the car.The emergency braking function in the city is an extension of the Front Assist system that operates in urban congestion situations. At speeds between 5 and 30 km / h, the function responds with an emergency brake at the moments before a collision.


Seat has unveiled the Ibiza Cupster, a concept that will be featured in this year’s edition of the Volkswagen Group’s Wörthersee-Treffen GTI Festival next week in Austria. This two-seat speedster also serves to mark the 30th anniversary of Ibiza.In addition to a Cupra logo in the front, the Seat Ibiza Cupster has a smaller and more inclined windshield, as well as more wraparound side windows. Painted in the “New Orange” color, the study features new 18-inch wheels, a rear spoiler placed on the trunk lid, prominent exhaust tip in the center and sports suspension. The sports seats were lowered by 80 mm compared to the standard Ibiza Cupra. Inside, inspired by the Ibiza SC Trophy, dark gray predominates. The steering wheel is in leather, the instrumentation without exaggerations and details in Alcantara. Like the Ibiza Cupra, this convertible version is equipped with a 180 hp 1.4 TSI turbo engine and 250 Nm of torque, coupled to a dual-clutch DSG gearbox.

2015 – SEAT Mii FR

The letters FR turn the small Seat family into a more fun-to-drive car thanks to a revised and hardened suspension to improve the car’s behavior in sports driving. The engines do not receive any extra horse, so the line remains intact with the tri-cylinder engine with two power levels: 60 and 75 hp.Aesthetically it receives news that makes it more attractive. The main element is the new wheels of exclusive design and 16 inches that you fall really well. The stickers on the side and some other detail in black put a ‘something else’ in the small urban Spanish.

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